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Candice Modiselle talks about the South African acting industry

We live in a world where everything, including our self-esteem, is often crowd-sourced, something actress Candice Modiselle has warned against. The star is normally ace when it comes to dropping those gems of wisdom and was in preach mode this week when she warned about people looking to social media to validate their relationships.

She told her followers that relationships come in all shapes and sizes and shouldn’t be made to fit a mould that society demanded. I don’t know who needs to read this but there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to love and relationships. She said that once you get rid of unrealistic expectations, you can find what works best for you.

Candice Modiselle

“Once you understand that, you’ll stop looking to social media for validation on how to go about it and just find what works for you. She also spilt the tea on her own approach to love, explaining that she always fully invests.

I always go all in, unapologetically. If I die, I die. But I know I would have learnt something, even if it doesn’t work out, that’s OK. You rob yourself of so much love when you don’t willingly invite it in or give it away,” she added.

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