Friday, September 17, 2021

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Photos of Somizi wearing lingerie showing his privates leave ladies talking

Somizi is at it again flaunting his manhood on social media. The flamboyant TV personality cannot seem to get enough of his own privates. This is not the first time he has decided to show off his package to the public.

Somizi has decided to follow in Shauwn Mkhize‘s footsteps by partaking in Sunday lingerie day. As declared by the new ‘President of the Women’s Conference,’ Sunday’s are reserved for wearing something skimpy and silky.Somizi

As much as his fans try to focus on the positive message, many cannot help but notice his manhood which he tactically positions so that everyone can have a glimpse of what he has packing in his pants.Somizi 1

Every Sunday, Shauwn Mkhize starts off her day by wearing something revealing and silky. Sharing some encouraging words on social media, she always does so whilst wearing silky lingerie and gets the people talking.

Somizi Mhlongo has decided to conform to the new rules as set by the president of the WC herself, and decided to put on a little red number. Showing Mohale what he is missing.

“As declared by the President of Women conference Dr. Shawn Mkhize that Sundays are national lingerie days I shall oblige,” he wrote.


Singer and actress Simphiwe Simz Ngema has announced her break up with her baby daddy Tino Chinyani.Simz Ngema The actress took to Instagram to break the news. In her lengthy Instagram post, she said she will always be grateful for. Learn more

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