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South Africans sympathises with Somizi while expressing anger at Mohale over divorce


Black Twitter feels sorry for Somizi but loathes Mohale for the Divorce. Some have labeled Mohale’s marriage with Somizi as the most successful money heist in Mzansi. Others have described Somizi as the ladder Mohale used to get famous and money.

What has shocked most is Mohale has posted pictures of himself with a woman and Mzansi wonders how long it took for him to switch just after breaking up with his partner. One thing South Africans have learnt is that Ben 10s are cruel. Zodwa Wabantu has gone through the same with her ex, with the Ben 10 moving on pretty quickly after getting what they want from the marriage.

Taking to Twitter Somizi’s fans feel sorry for the Idols judge and now hate Mohale for what he did to him.

“I hate Mohale, he goes about his business as if what he did was not wrong…mxm.”

“Relationships are hard bethuna, Imagine that flamboyant wedding, putting your relationship in public can also put a lot of pressure. Next time Somizi should keep his love life private till he knows the actual standing of the person.”

“That Mohale dude was only there for money. Ngayishoniqala lento yabo mina.”

“We learn from our mistakes Somgaga don’t worry dear. Besides Somizi is not the first victim. Kade awaqala amaheist uMohale.””

“Mohale came, collected, and left with no remorse. Somizi did not deserve it at all.”

“Somizi do not worry Karma will do the job to Mohale. I wish you all the best.”


Some fans think the signs were loud and clear that Mohale was after Somizi’s money. What even hurts more is that Somizi had taken Mohale with both arms. The two have a reality show which has been nominated for the SAFTAS.

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