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Sizwe Dlomo l will “F**k” AKA For Free

Sizwe Dlomo l will “F**k” AKA For Free. Sizwe Dhlomo has made it very clear to AKA that he will “f**k” him up for free, there isn’t any need for a contract. This is after Suoer Mega, seemingly sub-tweeted Sizwe Dhlomo.


Sizwe obviously caught on and challenged AKA directly. Sizwe Dhlomo is famous for being opinionated and direct, he is never shy’s away from debate or Twars and he didn’t recently either when AKA was ranting about his failed Reebok deal.


The brewing Twar, even caught DJ Fresh’s attention and he made fun of the situation.

Meanwhile, Cassper asked to be left out of the whole thing because he has money to make.

And in true Sizwe Dhlomo style, he gave us an idea why AKA is acting up. Do you think AKA will respond?


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