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Siya Kolisi Gives Back To The Community That Helped Raise Him

Siya Kolisi decided to give back to the community that fed him, while growing up.

Siya’s story is a sad one indeed, it speaks of how he used to go to bed hungry and often would knock on the doors of those around him in the community of Zwide, Eastern Cape, to ask for food. this was a means for survival for him and his family.In remembrance of all the good that been done unto him, he has decided to give back to the community that helped raise him.

“As a young boy some days we didn’t have food at home. And I would go from house to house with an empty cup asking for maize meal, beans anything that would feed my family and I for the night.

“Yesterday, I was reminded of these stories from the same ladies that would fill my cup all those years ago, while delivering food that will fill their families for a month,” he wrote. He then proceeded to thank the families for feeding him and his family and for teaching him ubuntu. He also added a few clan praises.

We are always glad to see The fortunate do something like this for the not so fortunate.Thank you Siya

In Other News –  Sho Majozi Takes Home Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award

Iyo, iyo, iyo , Huku and John Cena singer Sho Majozi, who is never afraid to show that shes proud of her Country and Culture, has won the Favourite African Star award at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards (KCA).

It was announced about 2 hours ago, on the KCA’s Twitter page. Sho Madjozi was nominated alongside Shekhinah, Teni and Patricia Kihoro.

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