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How a bet changed Scandal actress Sivenathi Mabuya (Xolile Langa) ’s life

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How a bet changed Scandal actress Sivenathi Mabuya (Xolile Langa) ’s life

Sivenathi Mabuya known as Xolile Langa for her role on eTV soapie Scandal. Most people have always wondered what is Xolile’s career background because not all actors were born into fame. Well here is everything we need to know about Xolile’s career background.Sivenathi Mabuya1

Her full name is Sivenathi Mabuya. She is a 27-year-old South African actress. Sive known as Xolile was born in Capetown and raised in East London in the Eastern Cape. She comes from a very strict family, her father is a Bishop and church leader. Xolile studied Public Relations Management but due to her love for media, she dropped out in her third year.Sivenathi Mabuya

Sive Mabuya later moved on to Johannesburg where she got a job as a media assistant. Her dream has always been to be a film writer so this was a step closer. She finally got her breakthrough when she entered an amateur actor’s competition which she says she only did it because they had made a bet with her friend.

lt so happened that she won that competition and from there she got to meet the likes of Shona Ferguson, Nomzamo Mbatha to name a few. Shona Ferguson immediately approached Sive whose known as Xolile, asking her to audition for a series he was putting together at that time.

The series was Igazi and Sive was to audition for the lead role. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the role but was given an opportunity to shadow the artists’ onset. After two weeks of being under shadows, she got her first TV role on the series Igazi in episode 3. From there on her acting career kicked off.

Xolile whose real name is Sive later on met Kenneth Nkosi, after having a conversation with him he was more than willing to sign Sive under his production. giving birth to the Xolile role on Scandal.

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