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Watch: Actress Simz Ngema and Tino Chinyani Welcome Their Baby Boy

Watch: Actress Simz Ngema and Tino Chinyani Welcome Their Baby Boy

Simz Ngema and Zimbabwean model Tino Chinyani really know how to play their cards safe to their chests and we stan! The couple recently shared snaps of Simz’s pregnancy photoshoot, letting the cat out of the bag that they are an item and we are all thought that their baby was still coming,simz ngema2

Now Mzansi has learned that their bundle of joy arrived a long time ago. The lovebirds welcomed their baby boy Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani, on June 23 2020. This has to be one of the most well-kept baby arrival secret and relationship in Mzansi, as no one saw it coming that the two are a couple until they came out to the public.simz

Yesterday the lovebirds posted a video on their social media platforms, debuting their baby. The video debuted his legacy which is a brand named Tiyani Afrika. The brand has a collection of tracksuits, gym wear and a necklace.Simz Ngema

The video shows Tino giving us a sneak peek of all the items offered and towards the end of it, the heartthrob is seen coming out of his car with Simz holding their baby boy, he goes out to them with Simz presenting him with his baby and they walk back to get inside his car together and then they were three!

According to Tino, Tiyani brand “seeks to infuse the modern aesthetic and with distinctly African touches articulated through the use of imagery, color and unique design, to break boundaries and refine class whilst being synonymous with comfort and groundbreaking design. By marrying these elements he give you, what has been a dream long in the making.”


Tino celebrated his 26th birthday yesterday, and he hinted that he had a big announcement to make and we couldn’t have asked for a better announcement. As he celebrated his birthday Simz has penned a sweet happy birthday letter to him.tino chinyani1

An emotional Simz thanked him for teaching her to live, dream and love again. She further thanked him for understanding that she has burdens to carry and that she does not need him to carry them.

In closing the actress said right now, she loves him unconditionally, more than she has ever loved before.

Speaking to ZAlebs recently Tino says he chooses what he wants to reveal and slammed people who want to be entitled to his life, “I reveal what I want to as much as I am a pubic figure I never want to get caught up in the fact that I need peoples validations to be happy. For me it’s a simple thing of I didn’t want to be ambushed about my baby and then it ends up being on the tabloids.tino chinyani

I want you guys to understand where I’m at in life and that I am happy, as much as I’m sharing I put love to myself because, it is none of your business, I don’t ask you about what goes on with your family and relationship and I know I am not defined by what they say.”


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