Friday, September 17, 2021

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Video: Looters slip after Shoprite employees pour cooking oil in front of the store

Shoprite employees had t find innovative ways to protect one of their shops from looting in KwaZulu Natal.

A video shared on social media of looters in KZN slipping on a floor, wet with oil, has left those who saw it in stitches.

Tugela Ferry Shoprite manager, Mlungisi Zindela, told journalists that they were just taking chances by pouring oil on the floor outside, to prevent looters from getting into the supermarket.

Earlier this week, the Tugela Ferry Mall was looted and trashed, but only three stores were left untouched because of the oil.

“When looters were still busy looting around the mall, I saw one crashing and falling, and that’s when I told the guys that we should get a few bottles of oil so that they won’t be able to get into the store,” said Zindela.

He added that they had a challenge getting the oil poured on the floor, without the looters seeing that they were opening the store.

“The staff came up with the idea of spraying fire extinguishers to distract them and it worked so we went in and we got the oil. Without a doubt, looters came back in numbers a few minutes later but they started slipping and crashing on the tiled floor filled with oil. We realised that we needed more oil so we sprayed the extinguisher again and fetched a few more litres and that’s how the store was left untouched,” he said.

According to Zindela, a small fabric store and an Ackerman’s store on either side of the supermarket were also not looted.

He explained that they had to extend their efforts to prevent looting in those shops as well because if looters had gained access, it would have been easier to get to the supermarket.

“There were only 10 of us against the looters, we were really taking chances,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Tugela Ferry community is now rallying behind the mall staff to protect what is left of the mall.

“I have noticed that the community is now mobilising and trying to protect what is left in the mall because they see that should they allow looters to continue destroying, they will struggle to buy food and other necessities,” said Zindela.


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