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Senzo Meyiwa and his father fight for justice from their graves, more trouble for Kelly Khumalo

Five years after Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa was gunned down at his girlfriend singer Kelly Khumalo’s family home in Vosloorus, his family has yet to find closure. The conversation around #SenzoMeyiwa trended almost the entire week after The Sunday Independent’s exposé last week, which revealed that there had been a cover-up and that answers lay with the witnesses who were inside the house when Meyiwa was shot dead.

These include Kelly, her sister Zandi and Zandi’s then-boyfriend Longwe Twala. Feeling pressure from the renewed spotlight on this unsolved case, the Khumalo sisters have sought to clear their names. They maintained their original version that this was a robbery gone wrong, and that the killer was not known to them.

The renewed spotlight on the case comes at an inopportune time for Kelly, who is currently promoting her new music and had lined up a series of interviews to do so. Instead of discussing her new tracks, she had to address the new allegations revealed in the exposé. In an interview with eNCA, Kelly said that while the public was baying for her to be found guilty of her late boyfriend’s murder, “only God knows the truth”.


“For that Independent paper, whatever they are. How dare you? When you go out like that and write something so false and untrue. At the end of the day, I promise you this, you will have an egg on your face,” she said, denying ever protecting the killer of her daughter’s father. People must believe what they want to believe”, and that she was “done defending herself.”

Last week, Kelly piqued the suspicion of social media users after a contradictory interview claiming that her son she sired with Jub Jub knows and even identifies on television the ‘uncles’ [supposedly relatives or close family friends] who killed Senzo Meyiwa.

Kelly Khumalo’s six-month-old interview with eNCA trended on social media on Tuesday, 12 November 2019, and has since gone viral. In the interview with television host, Ayanda Allie Paine, Kelly claims that her son recognised the “uncles” that killed his father on television. However, in the same interview, she claims she still hasn’t told her son that the former national goalkeeper has passed on.

Watch the interview below

In another interview with Thobela FM on Wednesday, she implored the police to understand the importance of solving this case, because there are families who are involved.

“The whole thing of changing the investigating officer is uncalled for, and it needs to stop,” she shot back. Zandi took to Instagram to release a statement about her heartbreak and the fact that the sisters still need to defend themselves from people who are hell-bent on finding them guilty five years later.

In the strongly worded statement, she said she told the police the truth, and while she felt sympathy for the Meyiwa family for Senzo’s passing, she owed them nothing and that she was furious for how her family has been treated over the years.

“On the allegations that he was shot while trying to intervene in a fight between me and my then-boyfriend Longwe Twala, I categorically deny that. I don’t write this because I feel I owe those who have crucified us any answers, I write this because I feel that my name can’t be continued to be dragged through the mud and I keep quiet like I have something to hide (sic). AfriForum has recently accepted a request by the Meyiwa family to assist them in trying to find who is responsible for his murder.

Twala has maintained his silence on the matter. Meanwhile, the bones have been rolled and this time, according to sangoma Mkhize, the truth will come out. Senzo and his father are united,” he said. Together, they are fighting for justice from beyond the grave!”

“My bones say Senzo has watched for many years as his family suffered and now he wants his killers to be found,” Sangoma Skhunisivuthemanzini Mkhize from Meadowlands, Soweto, said Senzo and his father are fighting for justice together. Sam Meyiwa died with a broken heart waiting for justice, which he never got. Now they’re together on the other side and they’re fighting as one,” he said. And this was also confirmed by Prophet Nhlakanipho Gwala from Mzimhlophe, also in Soweto.

Source: News365

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