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Sedi Ferguson Keeps Shedding The Weight – Video


Sedi Ferguson Keeps Shedding The Weight – Video

Sedi Matsunyane-Ferguson is the eldest daughter of veteran entertainer and business mogul, Connie Ferguson. The daughter to one of the biggest stars is slowly making her introduction to mainstream, through the start of her own YouTube channel, “Sedi Matsunyane-Ferguson.Sedi Ferguson1

The journey towards starting the channel has been one that has been blessed and endorsed by her mother. When Sedi first announced her new venture months earlier, Connie was the first to use her own platform to encourage and celebrate her daughter. Connie not only congratulated her daughter for stepping out her own, but also encouraged her own fans and supporters to jump on the bandwagon and get to know Sedi.Sedi Ferguson

In August of this year, Sedi’s YouTube channel officially launched. Part of the aspects of her life she has let us into is her interest in fitness. This is an interest that is shared by the entire Ferguson clan. Connie has shared multiple videos of her and children all enjoying a day at the gym, the gym seems to have also taken the form of their personal bonding time together. Rarely, do we receive a weekly fitness video from Connie that does not feature one, or both, of her daughters.


But it seems that the besides it being a familial hobby, Sedi has taken her weight loss journey as one that is just for her personal health. Her latest YouTube vlog features Sedii showcasing how she is a fitness, up-and-coming bunny. The baby girl took her subscribers and viewers of the video into the intense workout routine that they had set up for her.

The video is eight minutes long, but watching and feeling like you have experienced the full workout experience yourself, makes the video feel like the hours of time she spent in the gym as your own. And it seems that Sedi is not only using her fitness journey to brag about her upcoming summer body, but is using the platform to inspire others to take control of their health.


The up and coming star shared an Instagram post. The post showcased her full length and how her body is taking shape. Her fans used the comments section to give her kudos on her weight loss and ask for tips. One such exchange was from an Instagrammer that was writing despondent as she was not seeing any results from her time in the gym.


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