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#TBT: Fitness bunnie Sbahle Mpisane goes topless for her fans – Photo

Sbahle Mpisane

Fitness bunnie, Sbahle Mpisane left many fans drooling after she posted a picture to her 2.1mil followers on Instagram topless

We all know that Sbahle is proud of her body and how hard she has worked to get the results she wants. So, she is going to flaunt it anytime.

But it seems not everyone appreciates fitness bunny Sbahle Mpisane’s revealing posts on social media, there is always one or two that think it’s too much for everyone to see.

She captioned her post “Last year I lost 9kgs during lockdown 😉 To achieve that weight loss I was consistent with my daily indoor training, short walks & I ate nutritious foods which i posted on my instastories @fitnessbunnie_sbahlempisane …during the lockdown I had to eat less than the amount of energy I burnt on the day as I was indoors & less active than usual #CalorieDeficit

Blah blah blah life happened and I fell off track this year #2021 due to my own personal issues.

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