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Sarah Langa in trouble for upsetting Beyonce’s fans

You’d never willingly touch a bees’ nest, so why would you risk your life by poking the Beyhive? That’s the question many tweeps are asking Sarah Langa after she found herself trending for all the wrong reasons (yet again!) The model and influencer – who seems to be the topic of many a Twitter trend – found herself on the wrong side of the BIGGEST fandom in the entire world – Beyonce’s Beyhive!

Sarah Langa

It all started very innocently when Sarah complimented fellow model Ayanda Thabethe on her attempt to recreate Beyonce’s look for Halloween. Ayanda killed it, might we add!
Instead of saying something like ‘One Queen to another’ or ‘Lion Queens’ or even ‘Made in Africa’, Sarah had to go and say, “Ayanda Thabethe is actually prettier than Beyonce”.
Big mistake! If you know anything about the Beyhive, it’s to NEVER offend the queen. And Sarah managed to achieve that in one sentence, obviously digging her own grave.

I mean, tweeps and their families have suffered some very real threats and insults just by smack-talking Beyonce. It wasn’t any different for Sarah. Take a look at some of the nasty tweets aimed at her.

Source: News365

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