Friday, January 21, 2022

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Cosmo (Ronnie Nyakale) from Generations allegedly uses muthi

Mzansi star; Generations actor Ronnie Nyakale best known as Cosmo Diale is trending for the wrong reasons after being implicated in a muti scandal with Skeem Saam actress Amanda du Pont.

Cosmo Diale is that star criminal we all love to hate. He has dogged hail of bullets, sold drugs, and even involved himself in human trafficking on set.

All these criminal scenes have got Mzansi wondering if he has some criminal record off-screen. It seems as if the celebrated once crossed the lane several times but was left off the hook.

Mzansi got to know Nyakale criminal record after it was revealed that she was once arrested alongside Mama Jackie after being implicated in a child traffic scandal.

Ronnie was nabbed as an accomplice of Jacqueline Maarohanye, who was once nabbed for kidnapping and child trafficking. On top of that, several counts of abuse were levelled against them.

Mama Jackie made all sorts of headlines when she was charged with kidnapping and assault. Jub Jub’s mother was also accused of selling an infant for a fee close to R12000. In one of her counts, she was arrested with Ronnie, a close associate, and friend.

Against the backdrop of these incidents, Mzansi bought Amanda du Pont’s story. However, the celebrated actor was only released on bail, amounting to R2000. Of interest is that his docket was miraculously misplaced on the day of his trial, leaving the court with no option but to dismiss the case.

In a leaked affidavit that has since flooded social media, Amanda du Pont details how Jub Jub, Mama Jackie and Ronnie Nyakale used muti for luck and to keep them strong. One of the paragraphs reads out as:

“I recall where the applicant [Mama Jackie] summoned Molemo to report immediately to Ithutheng Trust. I happened to be in the car when he drove there. After we arrived Molemo, the applicant and her right-hand man Ronnie Nyakale were drinking various solutions, lighting candles and placed a powdery formula in hot water and covered themselves with blankets and steamed”.

Maybe that’s why the trio has always been lucky when it comes to coming out clean from crimes and jail sentences.

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