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Riky Rick Catching Fire For Defending AKA On Beef With Sizwe

Riky Rick Catching Fire For Defending AKA On Beef With Sizwe. Riky Rick found himself trending for trying to do ‘the right thing’ by defending AKA in his beef with Sizwe Dhlomo. During Instagram live with Da L.E.S, he touched on the twar that erupted between the two and how it affects Hip/Hop as a whole. Riky mentioned that he talked to AKA over the phone regarding his failed Reebok deal and how disappointed he was that Sizwe got involved.


“For Siz to really get involved in that level..I see you’re a commentator but at the same time you’re making money somewhere else you’re not making money in rap. So stop coming for the rappers. If you love this culture, build this culture but don’t come for the rappers,” he encouraged. Riky also added that Sizwe should not try and make rappers look weak and lesser than him as they are trying are to figure things out.


“They [rappers] still tryna figure it out too, we all trying to figure it out. We haven’t figured it out like you have. We not on your level. We don’t have farms,” he added. AKA showed his appreciation by acknowledging the video, also throwing shade at Sizwe by posting a bootleg jean emoji, he commented by saying “Caesar Leo Di Janeiro you used to be FOR the culture.”

The cotton-eater faced some major backlash from people saying he is defending AKA but ignorant to the fact that AKA also beefs with people however he stays quiet.


He defended himself by saying he is not supporting AKA and did not pick any sides, he was simply saying that people who are not in the Hip/Hop game should focus on what they are doing and leave the industry alone.



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