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Radio personality Shelton Forbez leaves Massiv Metro After Just 3 Weeks On The Job


Radio personality Shelton Forbez leaves Massiv Metro After Just 3 Weeks On The Job

Last month former V Entertainment presenter Shelton Forbez joined online radio show UnCut on Massiv Metro. The singer co-hosted the show alongside radio and TV personality Kamo Moth and social-media influencer Minky Mothabela. However, he’s bid farewell to Massiv Metro after three short weeks behind the mic.

“Radio is still remarkably close to my heart and I will always consider Massiv Metro family. It has helped to set the pace for wonderful things to come this year and I am excited for new beginnings,” he said in a press release.shelton1

DRUM speaks to Shelton about leaving the show and what he’s working on.

“It was difficult for me to leave, career-wise. It was a two-way decision and more so, internal with the people I did the show with. I was settling in and doing my thing but now I have to re-direct again. I have a lot of stuff going on so fortunately I could bounce back immediately. For what I had hoped for, my vision in radio was short-lived,” the singer says.shelton2

Shelton will be focusing on other projects such as his music and a collaboration with the Joburg Theatre. He’s decided to use the massive shift to all things online to his advantage.


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Denim Jean, Denim jacket, ok

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“At the moment I have my own online music platform for artists to perform on. It’s called Lyrical Conversation. It’s very similar to Channel O’s Stripped Down. I’m doing this in collaboration with Joburg Theatre and we are starting production on 15 August. We have artists such as Clyde, Fifi Cooper and newly signed Def Jam artists, just to name a few.

“I am also busy with an online show which I’ve been running since the beginning of lockdown. It’s called Iconic with Shelton Forbez and so far I’ve interviewed Denise Zimba, Moozlie, SK Khoza and more. It’s expanding into an online platform where we do an in-studio one-on-one interview,” he says.

The artist took time away from the industry as he wanted to work on being himself and feel good about it. He was aware of the opportunities he had but he personally felt he wanted to inspire people by being his authentic self.

“My narrative was always dictated. At the beginning of my career, I got very caught up in being the sex symbol and the cool kid on the block – no substance, and surface type of personality. I didn’t want to be that type of person anymore.shelton3
“I’m in a new space and I’ve grown so much since being at Vuzu. I want to make honest journalism and produce valuable content in this industry. I want to be very transparent in all my interviews and leave people feeling inspired. My direction with everything I’m about to do is very much aligned with who I am,” the Pretoria-born dancer says.

He’s been doing a lot of independent work since re-branding. “Everything is in talks right now and in the production phase. Everything I’m doing is shot under my production company, Urban Angle Productions. I’ve also been getting support from different platforms to do my thing.”

In other exclusive news, the artist will be dropping a new single next week Friday. He hasn’t announced it yet so be on the lookout!


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Thank you to everyone that has and still always supports me. We keep Rocking. Love yall! ❤️

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