Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Mzansi can’t get enough of the Qwabe Twins – Pictures

The Qwabe Twins have been taking the music industry by storm elevating and raising the standard every chance they get. From amazing features to singles that have many of us dancing and emotional because of their beautiful voices and fresh sound.Qwabe Twins

Don’t we all have to start from somewhere and do we always have to point out the things that don’t really need to be said? Social media has quickly become a safe space for cyberbullying. Where anyone and everyone is free to say anything they please.

In Other News: Mzansi react as Mohale comes out as straight

After Mohale and Somizi were noticed to have separated, the social media streets wanted to know what was happening.


It was not confirmed to as the will divorce or not, but their relationship looked a bit unwell. None of them were saying anything about separating or not staying together anymore, it was just noticed when they...learn more

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