Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Watch Prince Kaybee’s creative #silhouettechallange

Prince Kaybee has joined the social media craze by dropping his #silhouettechallange video. The star shared this video on his TikTok and later made it available on Twitter and Instagram.

The #silhouettechallange has been going on for days now and many celebrities have also participated in the challenge.

Prince Kaybee
Prince Kaybee

According to Prince Kaybee, his own version is for the DJ’s.

The challenge is basically about going naked under the disguise of the red light in the background which does not give other people to see all that they wanted to see.

Prince Kaybee did the same but immediately it turned red, he started DJing which is what he loves to do best.

Watch video below:

In Other News: Lesedi Ferguson Leaves Mzansi In Shock As Drops A Bombshell

Lesedi-Matsunyane-Ferguson has spilled the beans on her current relationship status revealing that she is a single woman and has been for the past four years. While we all thought the starlet’s baby daddy Austin Malema was going to probably send his uncles to The Fergusons mansion, this seems to be not in the pipeline for the photographer.Lesedi Matsunyane

In a candid Instagram Q&A Lesedi revealed that she had stopped dating her baby daddy photographer Austin Malema four years ago. The Fergusons’ eldest daughter revealed that although she is alsolearn more

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