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Prince Kaybee and Zola Mhlongo open up about their relationship – Video

While it took them a while to go public with their relationship, Prince Kaybee and his girlfriend and Gagasi FM radio personality Zola Mhlongo have kicked a gear by now letting people in on their romance in the latest “Defining Love” episode.

Prince Kaybee and Zola
Prince Kaybee and Zola

Prince Kaybee and Zola, who revealed that they been seeing each other for a little over a year, wore their hearts on their sleeves on the episode of the YouTube show.

According to Prince Kaybee, he has social media to thank for “connecting” him with Zola, who he first saw on the timeline and then later slid into her DMs.

The pair then moved to proper “get to know you” conversations and the “Fetch Your Life“ hitmaker eventually became the resident DJ on her radio show.

After he finally gathered the courage to tell Zola to stop “ignoring” the feelings she had for him they started dating.

Prince Kaybee also revealed that he said “I love you” first and the rest is history

“I don’t wanna lie, I have to give it to you, you made it very easy for me to be myself, hence making you part of my life was very easy,” Prince Kaybee said.

Zola also opened up her heart when she read a “love letter” to Prince Kaybee, telling him how much she loves and trusts him.

Watch the full video below:

Earlier this year, Prince Kaybee took part in the viral “how it started vs how it’s going” social media challenge, sharing screenshots of him shooting his shot at Zola.

According to the screenshots shared on Twitter, he got straight to the point and complimented Zola on her looks.

In Other News: Ginimbi’s housemaid of 15 years speaks on the JuJu rumours – Video

Businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s death has sparked debate on mainstream and social media regarding the source of his wealth and his life in general. On social media, Genius Kadungure was the boss, he was a larger than life character, with followers who adored him.

Ginimbis house maid

While many saw him as a party animal, his manager of seven years Shaleen Nullens says he was alearn more

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