Sunday, October 24, 2021

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WATCH| Pokello’s emotional dedication to Ginimbi

Pokello was one of the closest celebrities in Ginimbi’s life. These two had a long history together and they came from far. Some conspiracies have even speculated that Ginimbi’s death might have been caused or linked by his relationship with Pokello.

Most of Pokello’s photoshoots with cars she took, she used Ginimbi’. With her recent ones using the new recently imported Lamboghrini and the Roll Royce he sadly died in, together with Moana and the other two friends. She has not said anything much but her video which she did says a lot on how devasted she is with the death of her best friend.

In Other News: Presidential Farewell to Boss Ginimbi as thousands say their final goodbyes in Harare CBD – Video

Ginimbis body was paraded around Harare CBD as scheduled, and it all started at his Club The Dream where he was coming from when he met his fate. From there he was carried around town.


It was an emotional moment when the convoy passed by the scene on their way to the Mansion in Domboshava. Watch the video here…

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