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Petronella and Mjekejeke’s “Fun time” On The Queen “COVID-19” Style, left Twitter in laughs

Twitter is in laughs concerning Petronella and Mjekejeke’s  “Fun Time” under the covers but COVID 19 style, on The Queen, last night.

The memes are already out and the hashtag #TheQueenMzansi is where the story is at, many were concerned that their parents were around and the level of awkwardness the show brought was something that united a lot of users.

Although no actual nudity was shown, but the scene was set in motion so people could get an idea of what was going on under the covers.Intercourse is something usually associated with younger couples and seeing this old couple engage, set the stage perfect for “twitters” to have their fun, it was something they couldn’t ignore .Sincerely some fans were just happy that although there is social distancing to maintain, the couple managed to keep their flame.

The scene created room for not only laughs, but laughs accompanied with criticism and just Twitter being Twitter.

In Other News -Springbok rugby captain Siya Kolisi Gives Thanks To His Wife “Thank You For Believing In Me”

Siya Kolisi took it to his instagram Yesterday to thank his wife Rachel Kolisi for being strong, believing in him, and for unconditionally showering him with support .The couple has come a long way

He also thanked her for challenging him

Being married to the Captain of the Rugby Springbok Captain is definitely not something easy due to the constant travelling and practice routines but Rachel has been around every step of the way and Siya is grateful. continue reading


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