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Pearl Thusi praised for her outstanding performance in a movie role

Pearl Thusi‘s fans have praised her for learning to ride a horse with one hand for one of her movies roles. The star is putting all she can in the role and her fans are proud of her.

Pearl shared that she had to train for five days in freezing cold and also had to hold and throw a spear while the hose was on full gallop. However, her fans applauded her as she does that and at the same time uses the other hand to throw a spear.


“PearlThusi can hold a full gallop one-handed. That’s not pap en vleis”

Pearl Thusi

Pearl responded by saying: “After only 5 days of training. That spear didn’t make things easier. And it was freezing cold But my horse , Apollo , was amazing”

Source: Fakazanews

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Anele Mdoda and her Son

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