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Pearl Thusi interviewed by her daughters – Video

Pearl Thusi’s role as interviewer was reversed by local magazine, Good Housekeeping SA – Instead of asking the questions, she was grilled by her two daughters, Thando and Okhule, in a YouTube video – Pearl had to answer some really burning questions that have been on her daughters mind for a while now.

Pearl Thusi’s daughters, Thando and Okhule, had the opportunity to put their mom in the hot seat and grill her in a rare interview. Being a TV host herself, this really caught the media personality off guard but she handled it like a pro. So, when Good Housing South Africa, which featured the Thusi family on the cover of their latest magazine issue, wanted to do this rare YouTube interview, it was an opportunity that Pearl’s daughters could not refuse.

Pearl Thusi

Thando and Okhuhle had the opportunity to ask Pearl their most burning questions from her first kiss to the worst thing she ever did as a child. Pearl was even quizzed about what she did when the kids go to sleep. Pearl shared that her first kiss was at the age of 14 which really surprised Thando; and the worst thing she ever did as a child was saying something mean to her mother which she regrets to this day. She also answered that when her kids go to bed, she sometimes goes out, only if she has to, and her favourite pizza topping is coriander.

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Source: News365

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