Pearl responses to her ex, Donald’s tweet

Pearl Modiadie has responded to a tweet by her ex boyfriend Donald who talked about a certain ex who kept getting hotter and hotter after their break up

Pearl Modiadie

It’s true what they say, “you never know what you had until it’s gone” and Donald can attest to that.

His ex girlfriend seems to be enjoying the moment and took advantage of that, by reminding him that he had something good, only for him to realize that after he had lost it.

Taking to Twitter, Donald shared how his friends continue to remind him on what he had by showing him pictures of Pearl post break up.

“My ex used to look better with every break up.. I couldn’t cope with my friends sending me her insta pics to remind me what I once had, niggas ain’t shit actually,” he tweeted.

Pearl gracefully burst his bubble by responding with the good old saying;

Source – Zalebs

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Rickelle Jones

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