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Mohale dragged for his online English Class Flop

Qualified educators and opposers of the Free Stem Lockdown Digital School program are fuming at the decision to have celebrities as school tutors. Numerous celebs including the likes of Mohale Motaung, Penny Lebyane, Khaya Mthethwa, Somizi and many more were hired on the Free Stem Lockdown Online Digital School.

Many opposing points were raised, and one of them was that during lockdown, a lot of employed people are without an income currently. Giving such gigs that need a qualified professional to celebrities ‘is a slap on the face’ to the teaching profession. Social media users slammed the Department of Education, for hiring celebs instead of qualified professionals.



After video clips of the classes made their rounds, social media was unimpressed at a lot of the tutors, as some proved their point. One ZAleb in particular Mohale Motaung was called out for his many mistakes during his grade 11 English online class. Mohale was said to have made many mistakes and confusing the parts of speech. He was also heard describing ‘sitting’ as a noun instead of a verb.

Pearl Modiadie was slammed for using big fancy words such as ‘illustrate’ to teach grade R to 3 learners.

Teachers and parents at large are unimpressed at the ‘silly’ mistakes he made, further proving Tweeps’ points.
The #CelebritiesAreNotTeachers, was re-ignited and people expressed their rage.

In other news – #SkeemSaam – Fans heartbroken by Big Boy’s scenes

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Big Boy

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