Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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Old Mutual terminates contract with MacG over homophobic comments

Another mistake, another career on the line. MacG is trending and the LGTBQ community is set to run down his podcast into the ground. The youtuber, during his recent podcast, airs his views on transgenders that definitely strike a nerve considering their reaction. The reference to transgender as shemale during the podcast is neither unfiltered nor comedic and it spreads transphobic rhetoric, according to the community. Old Mutual goes on to release a statement on Twitter distancing themselves from MacG.

Was it necessary though? This is the million dollar question that has Twitter in a frenzy. A lot of tweeps chip in with their two cents and this is what some had to say:

MacG doesn’t need @OldMutualSA to elevate his brand but OldMutual needed MacG to be relevant to us the subscribers of the Podcast. I bid Farewell to @OldMutualSA. We will donate to MacG to keep it going and growing his Brand.

I’m not condoning Homophobia, @OldMutualSA missed a nice opportunity to probably do a podcast with MacG on this issue. You could have afforded him a chance to apologize and educate his loyal fans about homophobia. I guess u probably your wanted easy PR…Let us build not destroy!

Mac G is popular for his outspokenness and his podcasts delves into really sensitive and private issues. This time the youtuber has stepped on the wrong foot and is paying the price with an arm and a leg. The whole situation brings back the Katlego Maboe/Outsurance vibes and will Old Mutual lose its clients by cancelling MacG. Well it seem so according to the tantrums some tweeps are throwing.

Following the decision by Old Mutual to terminate their relationship with MacG’s podcast I would also like to state on record that i will be terminating all my policies I have with them.

I’m cancelling my policy

It seems Old Mutual has started a war and we are yet to see the outcome.

In Other News: Manaka Ranaka responds to rumours of stealing her friend’s husband

Manaka Ranaka is unfazed by the hysteria caused on social media where it was discovered that she stole her friends man.Actress-Manaka-Ranaka-snatched-married-baby-daddy-Ntuthuko-from-Bronwyn-Zungu

It appears that her baby daddy Ntuthuko Mdlethse was married to a close friend of hers. This was unveiled by a tweep who dug up Ntuthuko’s old Instagram pictures oflearn more

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