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Ntsiki: Nomzamo Mbatha Tried To Snatch My Man!

Ntsiki: Nomzamo Mbatha Tried To Snatch My Man! Yesterday Ntsiki made the top of the Twitter trends list when an old tape of Nomzamo dragging her on the Roast Of Somizi resurfaced. Well, Ntsiki Mazwai felt like Nomzamo Mbatha had gone too far with her “jokes”. So Ntsiki decided to give the fans a storytime of why Nomzamo was being mean to her.

Ntsiki & Nomzamo Mbatha

She says Nomzamo failed to even greet her and that the Roast happened during her breakup with maps and she was hurting and needed someone to project her pain. Apparently Nomzamo ‘s manager is Ntsiki’s former manager who was using Nomzamo to get back at Ntsiki because they didn’t part on a good note.

Nomzamo Mbatha

She also spilled the beans on how Nomzamo allegedly paraded half-naked in front of Ntsiki Mazwai’s man in the change room just before the Roast of Somizi started. In the video Ntsiki reveals that she had brought her hot boyfriend to the Roast and he was chilling with her in the change room before the show. Ntsiki then hets called to do her makeup by the producers.


“Ntsiki, come do your make up. Nomzamo gets up and gets a costume and goes to the bathroom to go change because there was a boy in the room. I get up and go to look for the makeup artist and l find then busy so l go back to the change room.” She says she was shocked when she got back to find Nomzamo in her panties covering her breasts and quickly going to fetch something from the rail and her boyfriend is just there traumatised. “I think she was trying to like snatch my man but my man is not snatchable. He loves me.” The video continues with her side of the story and says it was a hurtful experience and it was wrong.

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