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Gomora Actor Ntobeko Sishi’s Biography: Age, Girlfriend, Music, Sugar Mama, and Net Worth

Gomora Actor Ntobeko Sishi’s Biography: Age, Girlfriend, Music, Sugar Mama, and Net Worth

Ntobeko Sishi is a South African singer and actor popular for playing the role Ntokozo on TV series Gomora. He has seized every moment not only by his looks but by his talent as well since the show’s debut in March 2020. Let’s get to know more about the upcoming actor in Ntobeko Sishi Biography (Age, Girlfriend, Pictures, Music, Sugar Mama, Net Worth, Gomora)

Ntobeko ‘Sishii’ Sishi Biography
What is Ntobeko Sishi’s age?

Ntobeko Sishi
Ntobeko Sishi

He is only 22 and already is taking the world by storm. Born in 1998, the actor is making strides and taking his career to the next level. As he starts breaking ceilings at such a tender age, he is likely to dine with the high and mighty in no time.

How does Ntobeko Sishi’s career start?sishii

Clearly he is no stranger to the small screen. The holder of two degrees (Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance from the University of Cape Town (UCT) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management, Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies), brags different. He starts off as a presenter with SABC2’s Hectic Nine-9 which he joins in May 2019. This sees him playing a lead role in Signal High, an SABC 2 high school drama that aired from June 2018 to September 2018.

What is Ntobeko Sishi’s role on Gomora?Ntokozo Sishi and Sicelo Buthelezi
He brings to life the character of a troubled son. Struggling to fit in, he seeks out the kind of love and appreciation he doesn’t get at home in all the wrong places. Speaking on his role, Sishi has this to say, “I initially audition for the same production company that makes Gomora when they do Nkululelo but I do not get the role because they want a Xhosa speaking lead and I am Zulu.”

“They kept my audition tapes and when they were looking for someone to play Ntokozo I got a call to audition for the role and I got it and I am thoroughly enjoying it,” he adds.

Sishii’s Music

Sugar Mama alert: Zodwa Wabantu’s fangs set on Ntobeko SishiZodwa-Wabantu-and-Ntobeko-Sishi

The contentious artist Zodwa Wabantu is aiming at sinking her claws on the 22 year old actor. The Sugar mama is deeply infatuated and airs out her feelings towards Sishii on social media.

Tweeps are thrown off and lash out at Zodwa’s bare facelessness and depraved behaviour. Labelling her a s.e.xual marauder, she is compared to R. Kelly. Most lowly young men who see Zodwa as their cash cow message her daily and would have pounced at this opportunity. Sishii is in real trouble.

What is Ntobeko Sishi’s net worth?SISHII1
His music views and sales from apple music and earnings from his acting roles are slowly amassing to something. The upcoming actor and musician is worth $8 000 and is aiming for the stars.


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