Nobody is forcing you! AKA won’t beg for subscribers for #AKATV

Nobody is forcing you! AKA won’t beg for subscribers for #AKATV. It’s been a couple of days since rapper AKA released his latest app, AKATV but the rapper is already fed up from the unsolicited advice he’s received about the app – especially the words of wisdom coming from people who haven’t even bothered to subscribe.


The rapper has been super loud on the TL, hyping up his app and the exclusive content he’s selling for R49 per month on it. The app has been all he talks about – when he’s not throwing shade and participating in twars.


However, he recently made it clear that he doesn’t appreciate the fact that people who haven’t even subscribed had their own opinions about the content, prices and pretty much everything in between. He made sure they knew that he wasn’t forcing anyone to jump onto his product.

“Just leave us as the Megacy to enjoy our #AKATV in peace, please … Nobody is forcing you,” he said.

AKA’s response was prompted by one of his followers who mentioned that even though he was a big fan of the rapper, he wasn’t going to support him “blindly”.

According to the follower, R50 per month was way too much to fork out and he gave his reasons. However, AKA said for what he had to fork out monthly (he claimed the amount was R160k), R50 was more than reasonable.

“It costs me 40k per episode, four times a month, out of my own pocket right now. That’s 160k per month. I’m asking you for 50 bucks. While not doing a single gig. I’m putting myself out there and you still complaining. Hayi man. Just buy a ticket, broer,” he said.

If you aren’t paying that R50 into the Mega’s bank, he doesn’t wanna hear anything from you concerning AKATV!

The rapper will be diverting his attention to his customers…


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