Nigerian singer Jaywon, arrested for violating lockdown rules

When the government says stay in they mean, stay in. Jaywon has been arrested for breaking the government imposed lockdown curfew

He was arrested at 11pm Lagos, he was driving and he also didn’t have his face mask on. He was put into custody and then he was later taken to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Yaba where he was found guilty for breaking the rules.

The singer was fined N10,000 and 30 minutes of community service.

This isn’t the first time a celeb has been caught on the wrong side of the fight against Covid-19. Just last month Funke Akindele and her husband were arrested after throwing a party during lockdown. The couple was fined N100 000 each and given 14 days of community service.

Source – Zalebs 

In Other News – Mihlali receives hate on “drag” makeup look: but her fans got her back

Social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase came under fire on Twitter after she shared a video of herself creating a ‘drag’ make-up look. Mihlali posted a new video on her YouTube channel where she filmed herself creating the look. The one thing I thoroughly enjoy about drag make-up is the freedom to play, there aren’t any rules, more is more and you better put on more honey.

Mihlali Ndamase

A few tweeps claimed that she was “appropriating” and others mentioned how “low quality” her work was on that particular look. However, it was actually Mihlali’s army of fans that resulted in her topping the Twitter trends list as they wondered why her critics wouldn’t just take a break. continue reading

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