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Nelisiwe Sibiya looks Stunning wearing her Zulu outfit

Nelisiwe Sibiya is a proud afro-maskandi artist and has written seven songs for Mzansi Magic’s popular drama series Lockdown. Her songs have been hailed by fans of the show since the series started in January this year, with viewers pleading with her to release her music. The star who will one day be one of the biggest singers in the country if she uses her potential to the maximum. She has the potential to burst into the big spotlight if she continues to work hard and stay focused.

She released the single titled Mama Kabafana from the show, which has a cool video too and is currently doing well both on TV and Radio play. She loves music and she has a passion for it. She spoke on her Instagram some of the things that make her want o do this music thing as well as embracing her culture. She had this to say especially about her culture.

Nelisiwe Sibiya

We live in times where western culture influences the youth, our African culture and traditions are slowly forgotten. I give thanks to my God who guides my creativity. His influence flows through me and I will remain rooted to my Zulu culture and I will always express it through my music.

Our heritage is a gift from our forefathers, it is who we are and it gives us life. It is important to preserve it so we can pass it onto the next generation. I am a young African lady who is dedicated to her culture and traditions, through my music I will share the beauty of loving who you are and where you come from. ~ Nelisiwe Sibiya.

Source: News365

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