Thursday, June 24, 2021

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#BussItChallenge: Nadia Nakai Vs Bontle Modiselle – Videos

The Buss It Challenge has for the past few weeks dominated the social media streets. There is not a social media platform that you can go on that does not have the challenge as a trending topic. The challenge might have started oversees. But how can a challenge that celebrates the fullness of a woman’s body not be owned by Africans- specifically South Africans that gave what was essentially a dying challenge new life.

The first to own the challenge was YouTube fave, Naledi Mallela. The “Naledi M Official” YouTuber shook all the tables when she took on the challenge. Naledi not only managed to provide a fire take on the challenge, but she arguably gave our fave ZAlebs the allowance to know that participating in the challenge would not ruin their brand. On the contrary, it could boost your following and maybe encourage the DMs to flourish too.

Second to own the challenge- and arguably put it to rest for South Africans at least was Bontle Modiselle. However, some fans are debating on who had the best challenge between Nadia Nakai and Bontle Modiselle. We’ll let you be the judge.

Is this the first time that Bontle chooses violence when it comes to her and her dance moves? No. Bontle is testament that there are some of Bra God’s faves that once they have been shown the path of violence in their careers, there is no stopping them. Without listing the many times that the good sis has broken the internet for dancing, let us just leave one of the most recent reasons why here:


In Other News: South Africa’s s.e.xiest teacher Lulu Menziwa strikes again – Photos

A week doesn’t seem to pass without our favourite teacher Lulu Menziwa aka Madam B trending because of her looks.


Today, the nationally celebrated teacher left Mzansi in a frenzy after posting seductive pictures of her…learn more

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