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Nadia Nakai plans to release two music videos from her album Nadia Naked

nadia nakai

Nadia Nakai has opened up about her plans of releasing two more music videos from her last album, Nadia Naked.

The star dropped her debut album in 2019 and she is excited about what next is coming.

Nadia is hoping that she will get the chance to collaborate with more artists in the African content

She made this known during an interview with Kgomotso Meso on Elite Nights.

The rapper said that she would like to do this because she feels as though she has already outgrown some of her older music.

She plans on shooting music videos for her songs Creatures and Chankura.

“From there I’m gonna focus on the new music because it’s becoming a thing of music becoming a bit dated for me. I’m no longer in that space anymore,” said Nadia.

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