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#TBT pictures of Mzansi sexxiest teacher Lulu Menziwa

This KZN high school teacher Lulu Menziwa is making older people reconsider going back to school. The photos of the curvy teacher have been circulating on social media and have been met with mix reactions. In the photos below she is smartly dressed, with fancy-looking clothes.

However, that is not sitting well with some social media users saying she is dressed inappropriately and that learners would lose focus in class. According to her bio on Instagram, she’s also a businesswoman and owner of a brand called MadamBClothing. She has more than 163 000 followers now. After some of her pictures went viral on social media people just started following her and her fan are growing everyday. Look at her dressing now and look at those curves.

Lulu Menziwa

KZN B00TYLICIOUS teacher Lulu Menziwa striking a pose for the camera. If you remember very well we had an article on this teacher after her sexxy pictures went viral on the internet and spend almost 2 days trending on Twitter.

Source: News365

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