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Mzansi reacts to Lady Kaygee’s comments on ‘dating a man for a living

Socialite Lady Kaygee caused a social media storm after she unapologetically revealed that she gets a girlfriend allowance and “dates a man for a living”. Kaygee spoke about where she gets her coins and lavish lifestyle from during a Q&A session on Instagram Live. When asked what she did for a living, Kaygee simply answered that she dated a man for a living.

“I date a man for a living. I know it sounds shallow but it’s a lot of work. When another fan asked her for tips on how to make money as a young woman who’s working, Kaygee made it clear that she had no clue because she didn’t have a job herself. Even though she doesn’t have a job, Kagyee said she saves all the extra money she gets from her man and tries to buy things that no-one could ever take away from her. “Things that don’t depreciate that I can fall back on if things don’t work out.



She added that she was overwhelmed by all the questions and understood why some women lied about owning their own businesses. Imagine a young girl telling you that you inspire her and all you did was to just date a rich man … my life story is too shallow for these Insta streets. I don’t wanna start lying that I own businesses so that you call me your role model. Kaygee’s comments quickly landed her on the Twitter trends list and tweeps weighed in on the debate.

Source: News365

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