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South Africa’s On-Screen Lovers Who Can Make It As Real Life Couples

Simo And Violetta

Mzansi has witnessed a number of on-screen affairs that have turned into colourful and celebrated marriages. Some of the marriages have turned for the worst. No doubt despite hefty amounts from production companies there is a really thin line between acting and real life.

Some actors have struggled to draw the line and many a time we do hear of actors who end up dating in real life. Talk of hours and hours behind the camera, acting as someone’s partner. The kisses are real. The hugs are real. Only the feeling is not and sometimes the feelings do catch on.

Not only in Mzansi but the world at large on-screen affairs have made headlines which have wrecked many marriages. Dating someone in the acting industry while you are not is probably not that easy and you are bound to feel a tad bit jealous watching your partner getting close to someone else on the screen.
Here are some soapie screens that are dating and would most probably make really cute couples in real life.

Scandal: Simo And Violettascandal

No doubt the two are acing their roles since their big-money move to Scandal. The two surprisingly debuted on the same day and ever since they brought about a new plug to Scandal. Despite having the same surname, they are not related. Onscreen, Sandile (Simo) and Cindy (Violetta) are actually cheating on their partners and are actually married to other people. In real life, Cindy Mahlangu is dating footballer, Bongani Zungu.

Rhythm City: King and Queen of London Sabelo And Sndiswarhythm city sabelo

The entanglement of the King and Queen of London Sabelo and Sindiswa has brought about that Kasi vibe on-screen. The two have been dating for a very long time on etv’s hit soapie Rhythm City. They started off as boyfriend and girlfriend and eventually evolved to full-on husband and wife. Now they seem more real than just an on-screen couple.

Scandal: Amo And Hlengiwe

Scandal’s Amo and Hlengiwe have law key chemistry from the days Amo was accused of harassing Lily Juice. Now Amo has also been bed-hopping with Dintle despite him still dating Hlengiwe. We wonder how the two would be if they dated in real life.

Uzalo: Nkunzi and Mangcobouzalo

Despite an abrupt end after 4-years as Uzalo firebrand Dawn Thandeka finally bids farewell to Uzalo. Veteran Uzalo actor Nkunzi and Mangcobo have been onscreen lovers for as long as we can remember. The two-act as gangsters in their own rights and their chemistry is visible.

Rhythm City: Mam Blossom and Bra Kopbra kop

The two got married in the show after Bra Kop’s wife died and he had to move on he found love with Mam Blossom.

In Other News: Actress Enhle Mbali Willing To Try Marriage One More Time

If you thinking Enhle Mbali is weeping and picking up pieces from her broken marriage then you can think again as the actress is already discussing having another baby.

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