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Mzansi celebs who cant speak English properly

South Africa is a diverse country that is made up of 11 official languages. The language of communication is English. However, some South African citizens are not good at English, they can’t speak it fluently just as they do in their home languages. Here Pictures: South African celebrities who can’t speak English properly.

1. Babes Wodumo

Babes Wodumo is one of the South African celebrities who can’t speak English well. She once made all sorts of headlines when she spoke broken English but that’s not the case since English cant quantify one’s educational level.

Wodumo made it clear that she’s not a native speaker of English, and she never entered those fancy private school, therefore she doesn’t owe anyone proper English, she’s a Zulu speaker and she’s very proud to be one. Fans supported her on that statement and they also said people must just leave her alone at speak English anyhow she wants.

2. Makhadzi

She’s an original Venda from Mashamba in the Limpopo province. Apparently, this 24-year-old admitted herself that she’s very bad when it comes to English, which is why she usually uses Sotho/Pedi as a language of communication.

3. Thuthuka Mthembu

She’s best known for her stellar performances on Uzalo as Nonka. Barely a few months ago she was trending after she shared a series of broken English tweets that left Mzansi in stitches. She got dragged in such a way that she had to delete the tweet. Wow! Mzansi people!

4. Papa Penny

Musician and reality star Papa Penny cares less when it comes to speaking English. He has been dragged and trolled on several occasions because of his bad English but he doesn’t give a damn about it. His fans have often come to his defence when he gets trolled about his bad English.

5. Sana Mchunu

She is best known for her bubbly character on Mzansi hit soapie Gomora. Well, we all know that ‘Zodwa’ is very much terrible when it comes to speaking English. Apparently ‘Zodwa’ is not a good English speaker even in real life, yes she may hide it but she can’t speak proper English.


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