Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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Happy birthday to polygamist and reality tv star Musa Mseleku

Pegged as one of the richest men in Mzansi Musa Mseleku is a polygamist, who has 4 wives and 10 children. Many in Mzansi would not have known him were it not for the Mzansi Magic program that debuted the reality show, Uthando Nesthembu. and today is a special day for him as he celebrates his birthday.

Musa is a businessman that certainly has many people talking all the time because of his lifestyle and his work too. More often than he’s rubbed some people the wrong way because of his views on certain things about life and it did not end well for him.

Here’s a look at Musa Mseleku’s rich life and the times he was on the wrong end of the stick.

There’s a new polygamist in town and Musa is not happy about it. Why? The man is living his life with his two wives, but it seems he stepped on the wrong toes.

Lucky Gumbi took to a very popular publication, Daily Sun , to claim that Uthando Nes’thembu does not clearly display what polygamy is about. He said people will get to re-learn what true polygamy is about.

These words ruffled Musa’s feathers and issued out a stern warning to Gumbi to not meddle in his family’s affairs. Mseleku saidid he made polygamy trend in Mzansi and Gumbi should not compare his family to his.

All in the name of wanting to have another wife, these were the news that was not received well by some of the wives even though Musa kept insisting that he wanted another wife.

In a video, he posted to social media he is seen and heard saying: “the situation is bad, tough and heavy.”

However, it seems there was more that was happening behind closed doors that many were not aware of. Musa said when his wives are angry, they punish him in the bedroom by denying him rights to have sex. He said some don’t give him food and they leave him alone and go to their homes (in the village). He said they sleep with tights, track pants and this is not acceptable for a married woman.

After the first episode of the reality show, Mnakwethu, women were up in arms and took to social media to express their rage. Men too shared the same sentiments and some have agreed to report the show.

Simphiwe Dana lashed out at Musa Mseleku the presenter of the show. – her use of profanity also showed how frustrated she is and she did not mince her words.

Dana explained that she was not against polygamy as she understands the practice very well. However, she was against what was being broadcast on national television. “It’s greed, pure and simple,” she wrote.


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