WATCH: Musa Keys gets lap dance from fans during Zimbabwe performance

Musa Makamu, popularly known as Musa Keys, has caused a frenzy on social media while on his international tour.

The Limpopo-born amapiano star is halfway through his 17-destination tour and he’s pulling out all the stops.

During his performances in Harare and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, this past weekend, Musa got a bit naughty with his fans as they gave him a lap dance on stage.

While he had dozens of female fans swarming to get his attention at the event, Musa made it known that he would spend the night with his “boys”.

“After beautiful weekend, I still go back to no home cooked meal, just gonna be me and my plaques and the boys,” he wrote on his Instagram stories.

Watch the videos below:

Meanwhile, an unidentified young woman has gone viral after pleading with Musa Keys to acknowledge her before taking off for his event in Bloemfontein.

“Musa Keys please, I love you … I waited long specially for you. I’m going with you guys. I love Musa Keys with all my heart,” the fan said before running after the moving car.

Since his hit song Salema in 2020, Musa Keys is fast growing his international star status and his music tour has set him on the right path to achieving that.

This month Musa is also scheduled to tour the UK and US.

Speaking of his stardom, Musa said he felt he still had a long way to go before considering himself famous.

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