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Kwaito star Mshoza goes for B00ty enlargement

Kwaito star Nomasonto “Mshoza” Maswanganyi has allegedly gone under the knife for a butt job.

Sources say the Abantu Bam hitmaker is said to be recovering at home after doing a buttocks enlargement last month.

One source said Mshoza was no longer happy with her body and wanted to reconstruct it.

“She told us she wanted to give American rapper Nicki Minaj a run for her money,” said the source.

According to sources close to the situation, Mshoza has been rejecting gigs so she can fully recover.

“We know Mshoza is extreme but we didn’t think she would do something like this.

“She’s been sharing her story about bleaching and, as close people, we thought she was done and would focus on maintaining herself.

“Out of the blue, she came up with this idea and ran with it,” said the source.

According to the source, Mshoza has refused to tell them where she did the butt job.

“She’s discreet about it. She’s currently hiding the size to close people.

“It might the same size as Nicki’s or bigger, she’s also discreet about who funded her because when she does these things she normally has a sponsor and doesn’t use her own money,” said the source.


Said the second source: Mshoza is not happy with the way she looks and it will take time for her to accept herself. “Her head is filled with what people say about her and that affects her as she can’t accept who she really is.

“Her relationships also take a toll on how she sees herself as a person.

“I mean, Nicki Minaj doesn’t even know Mshoza, but she’s changed her body to compete with her.

“I’m hoping she achieves her goal and stops it because she’ll cause more damage than good.”

The source said Mshoza was planning to come out as someone different, with a changed image and giving her fans good quality music.

“After recovery, she said she’ll be a different Mshoza and is planning to release music that people will be love and appreciate.”

When the SunTeam called her, Mshoza said she was not going to comment on the booty job.

She said: “I’ll be performing because I have gigs throughout the festive season.”

When pressed further about the b00ty job, she laughed it off.

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