Monday, September 20, 2021

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Moshe Ndiki Scammed Out Of R800K

Moshe Ndiki is one of SA’s most loved personalities and everything he touches turns to gold. While he is flourishing in many things, the star took to social media to reveal how he was duped out of a whole R800 000.

Moshe Ndiki
Moshe Ndiki

“I got mugged two months ago in Mellville. They stole my phone. I don’t even know how they accessed my internet banking details. I never thought it would happen to me but it did. All l know if l woke up the one amount and ended the day with nothing. They left me R12 which l don’t know what they thought l would do with that but it is what it is.”

While this is sad we know he will work hard and get his financial life sorted as he is set to take over the reins on Jub-Jub’s popular show, You Promised To Marry Me,”. And thinking about it, who else could have been a better fit for the show.


In Othe News: AKA and his girlfriend Nelli Tembe Fight and end up at the Police Station

Candlelit dinner dates, Gucci bags and good company are always the order of the day as AKA is committed to spoiling his girlfriend Nelli Tembe. Well, things allegedly took a turn for the worst on Friday.


City Press reports that the rapper and his bae got into a heated argument over cheating rumours in his...learn more

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