Friday, July 30, 2021

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Moonchild Sanelly takes the viral #BussItChallenge to another level – Video

Moonchild Sanelly joins the viral “Buss It” challenge which has taken over the globe. The singer is expected to deliver, and she did meet up fans expectation, as the video gained over 1.2k views within 20 minutes after posting it on Twitter.


The post has garnered lots of likes, retweets and comments.

Moonchild who is known to be a twerk queen, didn’t find the challenge difficult, as it’s her specialty.

Nadia Nakai also dropped her video on TikTok, and it was sizzling!]

Moonchild also used the video to promote her “N#de EP”, as she “hashtagged” the video.

However, followers applauded and crowned the video the best.

In Other News: Faith Nketsi leaves Mzansi men drooling after going topless in her latest magazine cover – Photo

Faith Nketsi is revealed to be the latest cover star on Moziak Magazine. The star appears classy on the Moziak magazine cover and he’s being hailed on social media.

According to the, Faith is the first cover star for…learn more

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