Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Moonchild Sanelly shows off her skateboarding skills – Video

Moonchild Sanelly has taken to her Twitter to share a video of herself skating on the street. The star is showing the world that music but she can also skate.

Moonchild recently unveiled her new show titled, Woza stating the show will reveal much about her. Well, she has decided to do something fun today as she cruises with her skateboard around the street.

Moonchild tweeted: “Happy Monday boobeams💙@PUMASouthAfrica girl”

Watch video below:

In Other News: Heartbreaking moment as actress Phumeza Mdabe informs son he won’t be able to see again

With tears rolling down her face and a huge lump in her throat, Phumeza Mdabe had to shatter her son’s illusions, informing him that he will never be able to see again.Phumeza Mdabe1 After receiving exciting news that he would be getting prosthetic eyes fitted soon, Mpilo jumped for joy, because of the possibility of...learn more

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