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Moonchild Sanelly – This is the year you will respect me

Moonchild Sanelly
Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild has a spicy message for her haters and everyone who has disrespected her. The star has had her fair share of backlash for her risqué outfits and dance moves. Now it seems she has had enough and is demanding some respect in 2020.

The star shared on Twitter that she was tired of being polite and taken advantage of. This is my year of you will respect me because this polite b*tch sh*t is taken advantage of. I remember Simphiwe Dana, my big sis, called me and said, ‘Teach them to respect you’. I get it fully, so if unamasimba … andizi. Happy New Year Boobeams. This is not the first time Moonchild has demanded respect. In October she said she would continue to show off her booty whether people liked it or not. This after the dancing queen shared a video of her assets being covered with drinking yoghurt.


The video showed Moonchild sitting on a chair with her back to the camera, as someone poured yoghurt on her. She said: “The taste of hazelnut, find your voice and own your drip, boo beams!

Some fans hailed Moonchild for being herself and loving her body, but others felt she was going too far by posting her booty at every chance she got. This did not sit well with the singer, who clapped back at haters on her TL, saying she was not about to stop any time soon. Also, I’ll post my bum until u stop being shocked cause … it’s my comfort! I love no clothes so deal with it!”

Source: News365