Saturday, September 18, 2021

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I’m Undumpable, claims b00tylicious Moonchild Sanelly – Video

Moonchild Sanelly‘s latest single has opened up the conversation about the struggles people across the globe have experienced in their romantic relationships during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coming hot off the heels of her hit single Yebo Teacher, aiming to educate the nation on s.e.x, the “future ghetto punk” star has another lesson on relationships. In a statement to , Moonchild said that her latest single Undumpable tackles the struggles couples face in their relationships during lockdown due to the high intensity and global turmoil.

“Undumpable is a jam about a relationship where the couples’ tempers are frayed in lockdown, in a super-intense atmosphere. They’re fighting but they each feel like they’ve invested too much to be easily dumped,” she wrote.

In the song, she says that instead of breaking up because of strife, couples should seek to work through their differences that were brought on by the pandemic.

“You’re not gonna dump me/”

“I won’t let you dump me/”

“Oh b*tch/”

“You’re gonna fix this/” read some of the lyrics.

The star is all about educating her fans through sick beats and carefully articulated lyrics. Moonchild said she hopes to inspire people to get tasks ticked off on their list of dreams in her song Yebo Teacher.


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