Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Mome Mahlangu hits back at critics amid hubby’s sangoma initiation

Reality personality and businesswoman Mome Mahlangu has clapped back at people who have been judging her on social media.

She recently welcomed her comedian husband Mongezi Mahlangu home, after recently undergoing his initiation journey to be a sangoma.

Many people questioned why she was open to the idea of him being a sangoma, as she had indicated in previous interviews that she was a Christian.

Responding to her spirituality being questioned, Mome said when one was a public figure, people expected them to be a mannequin.

“Don’t move or change; remain who you were in the last interview. I will grow up watching you and I will be a cop one day. Just like you, I grew up. I accepted my gift before it killed me,” she said.

“I’m a gifted public figure because God knew I would be strong enough for your discrimination. But, I know I’m still His child. I don’t know about you, but I pray to God and speak to my ancestors – I don’t pray to them. Does that make me less of a Christian?” she questioned.

Mome also revealed that the past six months, with her husband undergoing ukuthwasa, were not easy.

“I never thought I would laugh like this again, first time after spending six months apart. I stayed home praying for this day. I’m grateful for your journey; my mind has never been clearer,” she said.

She was also grateful for her family, who supported them and made them understand the journey better.

The Tshwane-born media personality also opened up about being raised in a Christian home, where most things were taboo.

She said it took her time to understand spiritual and medical healing, and not the stigma behind them.

“You can’t be a healer if you don’t have a calling. We can’t take out idlozi if you don’t have it. You are born with your gift, and there is no timing to being called. You can lose your life and everything you have if you don’t respond to it. You don’t deserve to live on medication that will make you numb. We are quick to jump into depression, and not hear the messages in your head that you are rightfully entitled to and remember the dreams so you can pass on the messages. You can acknowledge your gift and heal yourself to meet a greater version of you,” she added.


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