Monday, October 18, 2021

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Watch Moana’s daughter Tyra saying goodbye to her mother

As you all know Moana had a daughter Tyra and today she said her last bye-bye to her mother before she was taken to Warren Hills where she was buried.

Moana Funeral Update: Moment Yolanda Kuvaoga took Moana’s daughter to the hearse carrying her mother’s remains, just before departure from Parirenyatwa. Ishmael Amuli was against the presence of a granddaughter at the mortuary.


In Other News: Da L.E.S speaks on why he will never sleep with Boity Thulo

After years of friendship, Les explained how he just does not see Boity in a romantic light.


Boity Thulo, Pearl Thusi, and Bonang Matheba… These are just some of the famous women rapper Da L.E.S has been linked to...learn more

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