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Minnie Dlamini breaks, opens up about her late brother’s dreams – Loss can be so isolating

Sportscaster, Minnie Dlamini opens up on dreams of her late brother, Khosini, who’s death was announced some months ago. The star revealed that it’s not so easy moving on and she further narrates the latest dream she had on Twitter.

“I’ve been dreaming of my late brother so much these days. Last night in my dream I did something cool (really dumb if I’m being honest) so naturally, I ran to his room to show him. As soon as I got to his door I remembered he’s gone. I instantly broke down!!! He then magically appeared at the doorway in front of me and tried to give me a hug. I’m like, “you’re not here it won’t work.” He reached out and I collapsed into his arms. It worked!!! He said, “jeez dude you’re really taking this hard!” I said, “F you!” and held on even tighter.

Minnie Dlamini

She added: “Knowing I was probably going to wake up any second. I’ve been home most of this December & I genuinely feel his presence. I’m elated that he didn’t let the realms get in the way of reassuring me of this & just reaching out to give his big sis a much-needed hug.

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