Men hang in there until Coronavirus is over says Enhle Mbali

Men hang in there until Coronavirus is over says Enhle Mbali. The mother of 2, actress Enhle seems to have taken the words of the President seriously and she is here to help fight against the spread of the deadly pandemic, Coronavirus.

We don’t know if it’s the lockdown or the season change but apparently that men have been going hard at shooting their shots at the ladies.
Unfortunately for them, businesswoman and actress Enhle Mbali is not trying to get a new man during this COVID-19. Enhle took to her Instagram stories to let all the men know that she has had it with them trying to step up to her while she is doing her shopping. According to the fashion icon she is aware that men are lonely but she is far from it.


Since the lockdown has banned any physical interaction, Enhle would really appreciate it if men could stop being selfish and consider the one-meter social distancing regulation.

“Understanding you need a hug, ke winter, don’t be selfish if someone is shopping, stay a meter away from them, it’s not jolling season is lockdown season,” she said.


She further added that men should practice self-control and stop the urge of coming up to her and making advances because she doesn’t have the word single written on her forehead.

“i don’t know maybe I’ve got single written here, Yhooo hai kangaka” Enhle said.


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