Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Meet the South African woman ‘entangled’ with Jay Z

South Africans woke up to realise Jay Z follows one person, and she is a South Africa who goes by the name Thule Mgaga on Twitter. Little is known about the South African lady but Jay-Z’s fans believe she has a special connection with the billionaire. She was asked on Twitter on her secret to becoming the only person followed by Jay Z, she responded, “I can’t share secrets of August entanglements.”

Jay Z has since unfollowed her after the public outcry. Here are some of the interesting comments by South Africans and Jay-Z’s fans:

“I wonder what’s going through Beyonce’s mind seeing Jay Z charting with Thule via the DM…”

“Thule is the only person in the world who can say “Jay Z followed me”!! Ja no…. RESPECT ma baby”

“Thule probably hacked Jay z for God knows how, but asikho lapho”

“What if Thule ke cousin ya Jay Z?”
“Yazi when I thought I’ve seen it all, Thule gets followed by Jay Z himself… Not Kanye West, not Meek Mill or Rihanna. 2020 is full of wonders straight.”

“So technically Jay Z is the groupie here coz Thule wa batho didn’t even bother following the brother back”

‘Jay Z only follows one person that’s Thule Mgaga, not even Beyoncé”

“Thule I doubt that she was even aware who Jigga , she is surprised to found out she is trending watch the space when people wake up all I want know is was she aware maybe she served Beyonce and Jay z when they were here who knows All am watching is the number of followers Thule gets, she just one lottery, when the morning shift group wake up this thing, will blow up it’s interesting and puzzling but what I know is Jay z doesn’t manage his own social media so”

So In the whole world, Jay Z is following this mzansi girl on Twitter not even Beyonce but Thule come on we got to bow to this legend“So In the whole world Jay Z is following this mzansi girl on Twitter not even Beyonce but Thule come on we got to bow to this legend”

Check out Jay-Z’s Twitter account here: Mr Carter

Top stories: Zodwa Wabantu Accuses Ex-boyfriend Vusi Of Being A Fraudster – Video

Socialite Zodwa Wabantu is infuriated and has gone on a social media rant over her ex-boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi, calling him a fraudster.

Zodwa-Wabantu and Vusi
Zodwa-Wabantu and Vusi

Vusi had purchased a brand new Audi R8 back in July and now Zodwa claims that her former ben-10 bought the car and maintains his cushy lifestyle using her name…continue reading

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