Monday, October 18, 2021

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Master KG’s Tshinada videographer shares touching story as music video hit 10m views

Master KG’s Tshinada has hit 10 million view on YouTube and the videographer who shot the video is over the moon for achieving such a good things.

The videographer whose name is Jack Bohloko took to his Twitter to share the story behind the video as he celebrates the win.

Jack stated that he was at a point where he needed big win and asked for collaboration from more than 30 Msanzi artists but luckily for him, Master KG turn out to be interested.

Bohloko then tweeted that the only artist to respond to his message was Master KG and that he couldn’t believe he was talking to the actual star.

He said: “…I reached out to several South African musicians, I sent a duplicate massage to more than 30 major artists in Mzansi……”

“Master KG was the ONLY artist that replied to my message on instagram”
From the thread that the videographer posted on Twitter, it sounds like KG is a really good guy.

Bohloko then ended with gratitude to the rapper about giving him his shot and that KG’s kindness is the reason he has found such success.

“You see the reason why this Video is so special to me is because Master Kg just gave me a chance to shoot his video when I was just No body with the small equipment I had in my home country Botswana, Months later God blessed him with making his smarsh a global hit”

See tweets below:


In Other News: Pearl Thusi and Natasha Thahane spend time together before Ramaphosa’s family meeting – Photos

Pearl Thusi and Natasha Thahane have decided to take the time out and spend quality time together before the family meeting.

Pearl Thusi and Natasha Thahane

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